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Rooted Cities, Wandering Gods: Inter-Urban Religious Interactions

Theatre A' in Larisa (June 2018; Photo credit Adam Wiznura)


The aim of the Groningen conference, titled Rooted Cities, Wandering Gods: Inter-Urban Religious Interactions in the Ancient World, is to bring together historians and archaeologists studying societies around the ancient Mediterranean, to share new insights into inter-urban religious practices.

Conference Recordings

See here for recordings of the lectures and discussion of the conference

Venue and Practicalities

The conference is scheduled for 18-20 November, in a hybrid form where participants can attend virtually and/or physically in Groningen

Abstracts and Program

See here for information regarding abstracts and the program of the conference

COVID-19 Updates

See here for all COVID updates as they relate to our conference


Registration for the conference is now open!


This conference would not have been possible without the help of many wonderful organizations.